Founder's Weekend 2019

Founder's Weekend 2019

Who's coming as of 01/29/2020

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First Name Last Name Affiliation Class Guest(s)
Dennis Aranyos '91G 1991 Lucille Aranyos
Ariel Cunningham 1991 Thomas Cunningham, Jill Cunningham, Mia Cunningham
Jill Cunningham 1991 Thomas Cunningham, Mia Cunningham, Ariel Cunningham
Mia Cunningham 1991 Thomas Cunningham, Jill Cunningham, Ariel Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham '91 1991 Jill Cunningham, Mia Cunningham, Ariel Cunningham
Gabrielle Jenkins '91 1991
Denise (Leonard) Kellerk '91 '22P 1991 James Kellerk, James Kellerk
Cindy Konop '91 '23P 1991 Paul Konop, Samuel Konop
Paul Konop '91 '23P 1991 Cindy Konop, Samuel Konop
Jennifer Lakefield '91 '23P 1991 Bryan Briscoe, Terence Briscoe
John LeRoy '91 1991 Laura Riso, Alexa Riso, Luke McCorry
Petar Lujic '90P '91P 1991 Rich Curtis, Katarina (Lujic) Curtis, Joyce Lujic, Karis Curtis
Jennifer (Boyda) Palumbo '91 '93G '23P 1991
Deborah (Russo) Snyder '91 '22P '23P 1991 Brian Snyder, Thomas Snyder, Lauren Snyder
Christine (Weber) Soell '91 '23P 1991 Julian Soell, Emily Soell
Julian Soell '91 '23P 1991 Christine (Weber) Soell, Emily Soell
Otto Weber '91 1991 Nicole Ott
Christine (Manko) Wilson '91 1991 James Wilson, Matt Wilson
James Wilson '91 '95G 1991 Christine (Manko) Wilson, Matt Wilson

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